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2005 CD release party for Da Husla (Nebraska)

2005 MEMA Award Winner (Nebraska)

2005 Charity show (Kansas City)

2005 performed @ the Boys and Girls Club (Nebraska)

2006 Opened for Luda and Cierra (Nebraska)

2006 Opened for Akon & Crazy Bonez (Kansas City)

2006 Opened for Tank (Lincoln) 

2006 Boys and Girls Club  (Omaha)

2007 Best video for unsigned Artist (Atlanta) 

2007 Performed at the Atlantis Music Fest (Atlanta)

2007 Performed at Sugar Hill (Atlanta)

2007 Performed @ Union Station (St. Louis) 

2007  Performed at Club Zenon (California)

2008 Nomination for Best Female Rapper 

2008 Live Radio Omaha, Nebraska 106.9

2008 Underground (Atlanta) 

2008 Connections (Omaha) 

2008 Club X (Salt Lake City) 

2008 Best video for unsigned artist


Juvenile Ne, 

Lava ATL,

Shawnna Ne, 

The Arena, Ne 

Union Station STL,

Underground ATL, Jesse's NE,

Mixers UT, 

OEA Awards 

Atlantis Music Festival ATL,

Connections Ne, 

Metropolitan University Ne, 

Jesse's Ne, 

Ozone Ne, 

Boys and Girls Club Ne, 

George's STL, 

 Video shoot in ATL, STL, and the ONE



 In her Qwest to compete with the best Chiffy has been traveling through out the country for 

the past ten years, opening up for platinum    artist such as Lada, Cierra, Akon, Crazy Bone, Camilliare, Tank, Lootenant, Dub C and     Juvenile.

She has made her mark in the Midwest and is ready to take the dirty south by storm and when she touches down, they wont know what hit        them. 


Referred by many as the true Queen of Crunk her single Table Dance received plenty of air play in various states throughout the region. Rapping is her first love and dancing is running a close second, which made it easy to introduce her new dances The Hot Sauce & Mayonnaise. Chiffy had the opportunity to show Ciara's dancers these dances when she opened up for Luda. She was received well by the 15,000 members of the audience as she walked them through the Hot Sauce & Mayonnaise. The crowd was on their feet throughout her entire set.

She released her first CD Da Husla in 2006 Da Husla was well received very well overseas especially in Japan and China, . Since that time she has opened for artist such as Akon, Lootenant, Crazy Bonze,  and Tank. She was invited to California to collaborate with Lootenant on his hot single "Simple Things". Shortly thereafter she was asked to perform for 100.3 the beat where she impressed many radio personalities and producer;  as a result of her performance she has collaborated with producers from New York, Atlanta, Chicago and California. Chiffy had the opportunity to open up for Camillionare in Odessa, Texas.